2 months ago

Gluten Free Amaretto Brownies

Happy December friends! Tis’ the holiday season where the calories don’t count!  One of my absolute favorite desserts anytime of year (and that’s saying something because I LOVE sweets) are brownies.  Growing up, my mom Keep Reading

2 years ago

Party Popcorn

We are huge popcorn aficionado’s in this house.  We make some almost every night; our favorite being with a little Parmesan cheese and truffle salt…yum! Lately, I’ve been loving testing out some new toppings… white Keep Reading

2 years ago

Cava and Pomegranate Cocktail

Happy pre-Thanksgiving everyone… This year, I am thankful for NOT having to work on Thanksgiving! A lot of folks don’t realize working in news, means working just about every holiday.  I rarely have Thanksgiving or Keep Reading

2 years ago

Vegetable Enchiladas

Not complaining… but it has been unseasonably warm in the Midwest this fall. It’s the middle of November, 65 degrees and sunny, and I’m a little toasty in a sweatshirt writing this.  Normally, at this Keep Reading

2 years ago

Cider Sparkler

Maybe it’s growing up in California where we didn’t have a traditional fall, but I really enjoy the changing of the seasons.  Living in the Midwest now, I’ve really tried to embrace everything that comes Keep Reading

2 years ago

Dark Chocolate Nut Bark

I LOVE chocolate; like seriously love chocolate.  I’m one of those people that has to have a little bit every day, so I’m constantly looking for ways to make it healthier. Nuts and dark chocolate Keep Reading

2 years ago


I love tomatoes in the summer.  Being in season, they’re cheap, healthy and delicious. So I am constantly trying to find new ways to incorporate them into my summer meals. Panzanella has become one of Keep Reading