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DIY Faux Fur Vest

Need something to wear to the office Christmas party that’s easy, cheap and chic?  Look no further than this DIY Faux Fur Vest…brought to you with great assistance from Winston Maynard, who knows a lot about this subject.

Rainy Portland in winter just makes me want to surround myself with fuzzy coziness.

I’m out visiting J this week, and I’m writing to you from a comfy coffee shop; the rain is coming down in a steady stream, holiday music floating around, and they’re playing ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas in the background.  I may never leave.  All I’m missing is my DIY faux fur vest to cuddle up in.  Unfortunately, it was a little too bulky to stuff in the carry-on bag.

Few pieces are as versatile as a faux fur vest.  Throw it over just about anything, and it’s easy chic.

I love to style it over jeans and a flannel shirt for a casual night out; or over a little black dress for any holiday parties you have coming up.

Look in any high street shop, and they’re flooding the shelves.  I’ve struggled to find ones though in my price range (CHEAP) that look luxe.

And what’s great about this DIY is it’s no sew!

DIY Faux Fur Vest

What you need:

  • two yards of faux fur fabric 
  • scissors
  • measuring tape

DIY Faux Fur Vest Prep

Make it!

  1. We need to determine three things to start:  how long it needs to be, how wide it needs to be, and how much of a collar or slouchy neck you want.  Then, we cut!
  2. Wrap the fabric around you like you would a towel to get a feel for how long you want the vest (essentially the space from the base of your neck to waist or hips).  Mark it off.                                                                                                                                                   *Depending on your size, you’re likely to have excess.   Two yards is quite a bit; I just like to have plenty in case I mess up!
  3. Wrap yourself up again.  Where is it hitting your neck?  If you want a really slouchy neck, which I did, leave about a foot upwards from where the fabric hits your shoulders.  Mark it off.
  4. Same deal for width.  Wrap around you again, pulling the sides into your stomach.  You’re determining how wide you need it to be to fit around you.   Err on the side of too wide, because you can always trim off more.
  5. Cut the rectangular fabric into an oval or rounded shape, based on where you marked the length, width and neck.
  6. Now we need some armholes.  Measure the width of your shoulders, essentially armpit to armpit.
  7. Find the center of the fabric.  Then from there, count out half your shoulder width.  Say mine was 14 inches.  Go seven inches to the left and seven inches to the right of the center.DIY Faux Fur Vest Steps
  8.  Cut a football-like shape out about six inches in length.  Repeat on other side.
  9. Shake it off and party like T Swift in your fancy furs!


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