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DIY Feather Skirt

As we get ready to kick off 2016 in style, nothing oozes glamour (besides sequins) like feathers.  Fashion has been flocking to all things feathered in 2015, so what better way to send the year out than in one of its biggest trends.  Try whipping up this DIY Feather Skirt!

J and I will be celebrating the New Year here in Indianapolis, and shockingly, I have the night off.  I couldn’t wait to put together a fun, flirty outfit to ring in 2016.  (Lots of change coming my way!)

Like many folks, I love fashion, but I’m incredibly lazy;  my favorite part about a feather skirt is that it’s such easy glam.  This skirt with just about anything on top screams chic without having to try.

Some of my favorite feathered looks have been a little more low-key (as far as feathers go):  Jenna Lyons at the 2011 MetWendy’s Lookbook on a casual Wednesday.

TIP:  For this DIY, I used a mix of maribou trim and ostrich trim.  I love the look of ostrich feathers, but at $25/ yd, it was a little beyond my budget.  This is a great tutorial to use those craft store coupons, because the trim can be a bit spendy; but by using them, I cut my bill in half!

DIY Feather Skirt

What you need:

  • stretchy miniskirt (I used thisanother option).  
    • Ideally, it’s white, but I had trouble finding one in December.
  • 7-8 yards of feather trim 
  • fabric no-sew glue 

DIY Feather Skirt Prep

Make it!

  1. Try your skirt on, and figure out how you want your feather skirt to lie.  I had to glue the sides of mine in about an inch because I wanted a narrower silhouette.
  2. Starting from the bottom, begin to glue your trim on the skirt.  Drape the trim a bit like a garland in order to ensure it has enough give once you put it on.
  3. DIY Feather Skirt Steps Continue until you reach the top.  Happy New Year!


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