2 years ago

DIY Holiday Throw Pillows

My apartment has needed some major holiday love lately.  I decided to spruce it with a pair DIY Holiday Throw Pillows.

I’m also trying to be extra thrifty this season with my Christmas spending (kinda working… might keep buying myself things… stay out of Target!).  This was the perfect project to get in a more merry mood.

So turn on your favorite holiday Lifetime movie, open a bag of holiday M&M’s, and get moving!

I did this project over Skype last night with my best friend from high school who happens to live two thousand miles away.  Just like any long distance relationship, long distance friendship takes a lot work.  I’m in the Midwest as a sports anchor, and she’s a superstar beauty writer out in Los Angeles.  Thank goodness for technology, so we can still do all those bestie activities…like decorate throw pillows.

DIY Holiday Throw Pillows

What you need:

  • throw pillow cases (here)
  • fabric
  • printable stencils of your design (I have terrible freehand)
  • hot glue

DIY Holiday Pillows prep

Make it!

  1. Print out your design on a piece of paper.  Cut out.  I went with a reindeer head and JOY.  You can easily find printable stencils via Google.
  2. Lay out your desired pattern on fabric.
  3. Hot glue the fabric onto throw pillow cover.
  4. Toss in a pillow into the cover.
  5. Ta da! Eat holiday M&M’s, and watch Christmas movies.


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