2 years ago

DIY Jeweled Cuff Bracelet

It’s about that time to start thinking about holiday gifts (SPOILER ALERT to friends and family who read this blog:  one of you is ending up with this for Christmas!).  I always like to include some homemade projects in my gift giving.  This is an easy and elegant one you can give to all your stylish peeps.

J Crew and Anthropologie make the best baubles, but when they run anywhere from $150 to $400 a pop; I only buy their jewelry when heavily discounted.  Now here’s a way to make it on the cheap!

What you need:

  • cuff (I used this)
  • assorted beads and rhinestones from local craft store
  • tweezers
  • E6000 glue

DIY Cuff Prep

Make it!

  1. Wipe down the cuff.
  2. Lay out your desired pattern.
  3. Starting with your center piece, apply the glue to the backs of the beads or rhinestones.  Apply with tweezers.
  4. Let dry overnight.
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