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DIY Pearl Embellished Jeans

It’s only February, but 2016 has brought a lot of change; all of it, much needed.

In a month and a half, I’ve moved across the country, traveled to one of the places I dreamed of going to for years and taken a big leap forward with my relationship.

As many of my friends and I often discuss, our 30th year doesn’t find us in exactly the place we thought we’d be i.e., super successful with everything figured out.  (My dad likes to remind me such a thing doesn’t exist at any age, but we can always hope!)

That being said, I’m trying to rededicate myself to the things I can control when it comes to my happiness, and that’s doing projects like these more frequently  and sharing them with my friends and family.

Onto the real point of this post:  DIY Pearl Embellished Jeans!

The style in my new home of Portland, OR is so different from places I’ve lived before.  As my good friend pointed out last weekend, I’m going to need a lot more beanies.

Part grunge… part sporty… very eclectic;  Portland style seems to be very much about comfort with a splash of individualized flair.

These DIY Pearl Embellished Jeans seem to check all those boxes.

It’s inspired by a Paige denim look that I fell in love with in Anthropologie last fall.  It’s a super simple tutorial, but a little tedious.  Start to finish, it took me three episodes of Million Dollar Listing to complete!  For the pearls, I actually used a few old necklaces that were broken for the pieces.

DIY Pearl Jeans Side by Side
Photo on left via Anthropologie

DIY Pearl Embellished Jeans

What you need:

What you need for DIY Pearl Embellished Jeans

Make it!

  • Lay jeans on flat surface.  Starting from the pocket, roughly lay out where you’d like the pearls to go.
    • The great thing about the Paige jeans is that the pearls are pretty haphazard, so you don’t have to be precise.  I eyeballed where I wanted the pearls to go as the project developed.
  • Thread a needle.  Reach inside the pant leg and push the needle through to the outside.  Thread a pearl and pull the thread through.  Push the needle back inside the pant leg as close to the first hole as possible.  Repeat this step with the same pearl to make sure it’s really secure before moving onto the next.

DIY Pearl Embellished Jeans Steps

  • After sewing on two to three pearls, make a double knot to secure it and trim.
  • Repeat until the jeans are covered to your liking.

DIY Embellished Pearl Jeans High Angle

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