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DIY Red Bow High Heels

Be the life of the party in these DIY Red Bow High Heels.

I dream about these heels.

Red Bow Pumps Inspiration

It was love at first sight when I saw them in this Song of Style post a few years back.  Since that time, I’ve been dying to make a version of them.  They run $235, so it’s a bit pricey for a shoe I’d wear sparingly.  From start to finish, this creation cost me about $30.

With holiday parties in full swing, I can’t wait to bust them out and dance the night away!

This DIY is adapted from a great fellow DIY’er, Mr Kate, from her book, A Hot Glue Gun Mess.


DIY Red Bow High Heels


What you need:

  • red pumps (here)
  • thick red ribbon that matches pumps (mine’s about an inch)
  • thin red ribbon that matches pumps (mine’s about 1/4 inch)
  • hot glue

DIY Red Bowl Heel Prep

Make it!

  1. Cut two strips of thick ribbon approx. 3 feet long.  Cut two strips of thin ribbon approx. 4 inches long.
  2. Fold thin ribbon in half.  Glue the bottom inch together, making an inch- wide loop at the top. This will be what the thick ribbon goes through at the back of the shoe.  Repeat.
  3. Glue the thin ribbon to the inside of the heel, letting the loop peek out of the top of the shoe.  Repeat.  See picture below.

DIY Red Bow High Heel Steps

4.  Thread the thick ribbon through the loop.  Tie in a bow.  Kick up your heels!



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