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Holiday Statement Earrings Under $75

Whether you need some festive baubles for your holiday parties or a last minute gift for your BFF, I’m rounding up the best holiday statement earrings under $75.

I’m a huge fan of a statement earring.  I wear them a ton to spice up my on-air attire (you have to be pretty simple and streamline when dressing for TV, but I like to add a little personality in my accessories!).

You certainly don’t need to spend a lot on your jewelry to be on trend.  I have a few classic pieces that I spent a little more on (or were gifts- Thanks Mom, Dad and Jake!), but, for the most part, all of my jewelry is under $75.

Some of my favorite spots for steals on sparklers:  J.Crew, Banana Republic and BaubleBar.  Dig through the sale bins!

Particularly at J.Crew and Banana Republic, things go on sale often, so I have found some of my best stuff on clearance, including earrings I wore for our engagement photos!


Holiday Earrings Under $75

  1.  Sequin statement earrings 2.  Hierarchy drop earrings 3.  Parisian feather earrings 4.  Fringe drop earrings 5.  Bud Cubic Zirconia drops 6.  Beaded tassel earrings 7.  Colorful floral hoop earrings 8. Beaded burst clip-on earrings 9.  Jasmine Tassel drops


1. is under $20 right now and free shipping with the code DASHING.

2. & 9. are 25% off right now with free shipping, no code needed.

3. I’m debating going wearing these for NYE with a tuxedo jacket.

6. & 7. are currently 40% off using the code TIME2GIVE.  Jake bought me 7. as an early Christmas gift, and I absolutely love them!  Considering getting them in a second color.

I also bought 8. and really like them.  Friends call them my grandma earrings, but I love a big clip on!   They’re 50% and free shipping with the code SHIPDAY.  

P.S.  Do any of you know about Nordstrom’s one-cent deal?!  No joke, I scored these J.Crew earrings for a penny at the downtown Portland Nordstrom.

Jcrew one cent earring

In the midst of some retail therapy to brighten a lousy day, the clerk informed me that my $35 earrings had rang up $0.01, and congratulated me on the elusive deal.

I had never heard of this being a possibility until that day!

Apparently, when items reach their rock bottom discount level, they are supposed to be pulled from the shelf and sent back to a central warehouse.  But if a customer finds it first, then you’re in luck.  Considering these earrings my good luck charms for the foreseeable future…

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