2 years ago

DIY Lace-Up Ballet Flats

I’ll start with:  this has to be the easiest fashion DIY I’ve ever done and gives you an insane bang for your buck.  I’ve been lusting after these lace-up ballet flats after seeing them in Michael Kors Spring 2015 show (here).  They’re add a subtle, easy chic that instantly boosts any outfit.  They’ve slowly started to trickle into high street fashion, but I’ve struggled to find a great looking pair for my budget.


What you need:

  • a pair of flats (here)
  • hole punch tool
  • cord that matches your flats (what I used)
  • chalk


DIY Lace-Up Flats side by side


Make it!

  1. Mark off where you want the holes to be with chalk.  I put one top center and two along each side.
  2. Punch holes.
  3. Lace ’em up!
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