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DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Looking for something a little different than plain ol’ dye this Easter?  You’re in the right place for an egg-ceptional idea for this year’s decorations (and for as many egg puns as I can think up).  This year, I’m making washi tape easter eggs.

Sadly, I have been really late to the washi tape train; it wasn’t until my middle school-aged cousins started making purses out of the elaborate duct tape versions several years back that I even knew it existed.

Since that time, I see it everywhere, with so many egg-citing patterns and colors; I’ve been dying to use it in some egg-cellent capacity.

DIY Easter Egg Prep

DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs


What you need:

  • assorted rolls of washi tape 
  • eggs
  • scissors
  • optional:  paint or gold leaf if you feel like mixing it up

Make it!

  • This is such a free-for-all that I’m not going to really post instructions.  I cut up the tape in a variety of shapes and applied it right onto cooled hard-boiled eggs.  (Don’t mind our Easter bunny in the background!)DIY Washi Tape Egg Close up
  • I also wanted to add some paint to a few of these.  Some I did a mix of paint and washi tape..stripes, polka dots, etc.  I got the tiny confetti-like polka dots by dipping the end of the brush in the gold paint.


DIY Washi Tape Easter Egg Close Up

Hoppy Easter!

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