2 years ago

DIY Sequin Pumpkins

Who’s ready for fall?!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday (strange I know).  I love candy and creating, so it was perfect mix growing up.  We’re celebrating fall in style today with DIY Sequin Pumpkins.

What you need:

  • white pumpkins 
  • bag of sequins
  • glue
  • coin or another small circle to trace
  • pen


Sequin Pumpkin Prep


Make it!

  1. Prep pumpkin by wiping it down with soap and water.  Dry.
  2. Trace coins on pumpkin in desired design.  I did a mix of small and large polka dots using a penny and half dollar.
  3. Fill circle with glue.  Sprinkle on sequins for haphazard look, or apply with tweezers for a more precise one.
  4. Let dry overnight.

DIY Sequin Pumpkins

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